Thesis cover illustrations and design

After years of hard work, it is time to bundle your research into a gorgeous book. I would love to help you with that! ​​​​​​​The cover design of a dissertation is the first thing people see. It tells the reader what the book is about and sets the tone for reading. It can arouse curiosity and encourage readers to dive into a topic. Your thesis deserves an eye-catching and personal cover design. A matching bookmark and invitation can also be designed, as well as matching art prints that make great gifts or reminders of a special time and wonderful achievement.


How I work

Each project starts with a virtual meeting to discuss your wishes, possible ideas and preferences for the design of your dissertation cover.

Based on the ideas that arose during or after the introductory meeting, I come up with a rough sketch. At that point in the process everything can still be adjusted and I would like to receive feedback from you on the sketch; This way we can be sure that we are on the same page regarding the design and in which direction it can be further developed. I will process your feedback on the draft and develop the rough sketch into a further refined drawing for the cover and accompanying bookmark. You can also give feedback on this first rough version, this time the focus is on the details. And there is an extra feedback round for any adjustments based on the proof. Depending on the complexity of the project, more rounds of revisions can be added to the timeline.



The base package consists of the design for your dissertation cover and the accompanying bookmark. It is priced a standard rate of €545,- incl. VAT. If you want to purchase extras, such as the design of an extra invitation, PowerPoint template, chapter page illustrations, illustrations for the interior or art prints of (part of) your design, these will be added to the standard rate. A virtual appointment to discuss your wishes and possible ideas for your thesis cover is of course free.



Worth more than 5 stars! Anna is full of creativity and creates beautiful illustrations! She coordinates a good and realistic schedule with you, is open to feedback and keeps you well informed about progress. Responds quickly to emails and no question is too much. Enthusiastic and friendly!

Simone Paulis, teacher Hbo nursing at University of Applied Sciences Arnhem en Nijmegen


Anna was very friendly throughout the process and I could always rely on a quick response. I am very proud of the end result. If you need an illustrator, I would definitely recommend Anna.

Rosaly Anne Buiten, Cardiologist in training, MD/PhD, Medisch Spectrum Twente


During the process I could always count on good input, great ideas and fast and friendly communication. The result is absolutely amazing and everything I hoped for. It fits perfectly with my research and me as a person. I can absolutely recommend working with Anna; Anyone who needs a (medical) illustrator need look no further!

Inge Bootsma, MD/PhD, General Practioner in training


Frequently Asked Questions: 

When should I get in touch about my thesis cover design?

There is a whole process from the introductory meeting to the print-ready files. For example

You send your dissertation four to six weeks before your defense date. The printer needs four weeks to print those dissertations, so you provide them with your files ten weeks before your defense date. Designing your dissertation and preparing it for printing usually takes me 1 to 2 months.

To ensure that there is a place for you in the schedule, I therefore recommend that you contact me at least four months before your defense date.

Can you also design the lay-out of the inside of my thesis for me?

I cannot do the layout of the interior for you, but I can make illustrations for the chapter pages or medical illustrations for the interior of your dissertation.

I love the design so much and would like to use it for something else. Is that allowed?

My design is only intended for your dissertation. If you also want to use it for something else, we can make a new price agreement about that.

I like your style, but 'my design' is not among the examples.

That's completely normal. I design your cover based on your research topic and your personality, preferences and ideas. We start with a blank canvas for your design, so everything will be just fine!

How can I help you?

Tell me all your ideas and wishes, I would love to give your research the cover it deserves!