Medical illustrations that tell a story

Educating patients on concepts or procedures, helping students master anatomical topics, or illustrating the latest research in a scientific article. These are just a few examples of situations where medical illustrations can be of enormous importance. But that's just the beginning. Whether you are looking for illustrations for your PhD research, are developing patient information that could use some visual clarification or want to clarify a biological process to explain new research results, I would be happy to work with you to illustrate your scientific message . Creating scientifically accurate, effective and beautiful illustrations is my passion.


Illustrations for scientific articles

Illustrations can bring a paper to life and make complicated topics understandable at a glance. Below are a few examples:

Illustrations for medical education

Illustrations for educational materials, courses and seminars. From assets for animations to illustrations for e-learning modules.

The examples above are a small selection from my portfolio. I offer a range of services and skills to create high quality visuals, tailored to the needs of each individual project. A number of examples are listed below:

  • clarifying illustrations for patient information
  • illustrations and 3D models as part of study material for pupils and students
  • figures for dissertations, covers and research
  • illustrations for scientific articles
  • illustrations and 3D models as part of study material for healthcare professionals
  • explanatory illustrations of surgical procedures
  • schematic visualizations of biological processes
  • veterinary illustrations
  • visuals for medical information apps

Curious how I can help you translate your scientific message to your target audience? Send me your ideas, concepts or request a quote and together we will bring your information to life in an efficient, beautiful and engaging way.

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